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Was your home in the path of the storm on March 2, 2012 in the Richmond KY area? Was your property affected by hail?

We are here to help. Roofing Professionals has completed over 30,000 re-roofing projects due to hail damage over the last 18 years. Since 1993 we have provided homeowners affected by natural disaster with unmatched customer service and currently warranty over 15,000 projects.

Often times, homeowners do not realize the damaging effects of hail to a roof. When hail stones hit a roof, they knock the asphalt granules loose and dent the shingle. Over time the roof begins to leak.


Your insurance company is responsible for full replacement of your roof if enough damage is done. Your policy will not be raised if you file a claim because it is an Act of Nature claim.

Call Roofing Professionals today to schedule your FREE roof inspection & estimate. One of our friendly professionals will inspect and document your roof for damage and explain the findings to you. If your roof has been damaged, they will suggest you file a claim and they will meet with your insurance adjuster to show them what damage was found during the inspection.

As your Roofing Professionals, we are committed to providing excellent customer service to you in a time of need. We are just a phone call away to helping you through the storm damage process.

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