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Our roofing company is located in Monroeville, Pennsylvania and services Pittsburgh, Greensburg, Gibsonia, Latrobe, Irwin, Jeannette and surrounding areas in Pennsylvania.

Recent hailstorms have caused an influx of phone calls to Roofing Professionals. No need to worry! We are here to help you.

Since hail storms are not common in this area, it is important to understand how hail can affect your roof. Hail leaves what we call “bruises” on a shingle that knock off granules and damages the fiberglass mat under the asphalt. Over time heat and water expose underneath the shingle causing leaks in your home. So, although it seems as if no damage was done at first, it really has already begun and will get worse with time. These bruises are not visible from the ground. This is why it is beneficial to have a free inspection done to determine if you have damage and how much.

Insurance companies know that hail damage works over time and they will determine if you need a new roof based on the number of bruises on your roof after a hail storm. Since a hail storm is considered an “Act of God” and not preventable by the homeowner, the insurance company will NOT raise your policy rates.

We want you to know that you are just a call away from getting the best service in this area. We have been fixing hail damaged roofs for over 19 years now and know what the insurance companies expect.

If you call us, this is what you can expect:

  • A certified, licensed roofing professional to come inspect your roof for free
  • We will show you pictures and describe in detail to you the damage to your roof top and what it means
  • If damage is significant enough, you will set up a meeting with an insurance adjuster from your insurance company
  • We will meet with you and the insurance adjuster to make sure a fair offer is given
  • We will work with the insurance company to get you a new roof for as little as possible, without sacrificing our renowned workmanship
  • We will help you track payments from your insurance company and complete your roof before the insurance company has paid in full
  • You can expect any and all questions to be answered from your personal roofing professional

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Our office is located at:

2828 Broadway Blvd. #3
Monroeville, PA 15146

Please come by and visit us anytime!