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Jansen & White has now partnered with Roofing Professionals to provide the best roofing services to Illinois customers affected by the April 28, 2012 hail storm.

Illinois has suffered the brunt of hail storms for the past couple of years. Hail damage to your roof is important to take care of. Making sure your roof is in great condition is important for protecting the rest of your home. If a roof is not replaced after storm damage, leaks can occur that will damage your interior walls. As you can imagine, once damage is done inside your home, the repairs become very costly. Also, your insurance company may not cover the cost of a new roof if you wait too long after a storm to have it inspected.

To save yourself the time, money and stress, call one of our certified roofing professionals to give you a FREE inspection. No strings attached. Hail damage is not visible from the ground. One of our certified roofing professionals will inspect your roof, siding, gutters and surrounding areas on your property for hail and wind damage. We will show you what we find and make suggestions as to what you can do to have any repairs done. Our roofing professionals are dedicated to helping you along every step of the process. If filing a claim is in your best interest to replace your roof, our professionals will make sure everything is taken care of to your standards.

Roofing Professionals partnered with Jansen & White is your top roofing company choice in Illinois. We are a member with the Better Business Bureau and the NRCA. Roofing Professionals is licensed & insured and qualified to install your roof to the highest standards in the industry.

Roofing Professionals is proudly located in St. Louis, Missouri. We service the O’Fallon, Chesterfield, Pevely, Festus, Hillsboro, St. Peters, St. Charles and surrounding areas of Missouri. Were you in the path of the storm on April 28, 2012?

The recent hailstorm hitting St. Louis has reports of baseball sized hail. When hail this large hits a roof or siding and gutters, a lot of damage can be done. It is important to have your roof inspected immediately because leaks can be caused from hail damage this large. If leaks occur, the cost of damage can rise rapidly

With Roofing Professionals, we expedite the claims process. What does this mean to the homeowner? Our company prides itself in being one of the most efficient roofing companies in the nation. We use state-of-the-art software made specifically for our company that allows us to estimate and document a roof quickly and effectively so that the insurance company is ready to hand over the check to you.

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