We Stand By Our Work

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Since 1993 we have warrantied over 20,000 roofing projects and stood behind every job. Our track record of integrity and excellence in regards to our warranty speaks for itself.

We can offer a 10 year Workmanship Warranty

Our promise to you is to document the claim and fight for your right for full replacement cost benefit’s for as long as it takes. If denied benefits we will secure your roof from leaks and assure the roof until we win replacement cost benefits. We will then move your claim through the re-inspection, appraisal, and if necessary arbitration to get your claim approved.

We have NEVER lost a case that Roofing Professionals took all the way through the process. We will not pursue your case if the hail damage to your roof does not merit full roof replacement.

Rest Assured with Roofing Professionals you are protected for life.